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Planned residential development of the year - 2016 category finalist
The residential buildings are located in an environment with a suburban atmosphere, on the corner of Fáy utca and Reitter Ferenc utca.
Calm, urban mood in the city


Flat number Size Balcony Orientation Room Total area Floorplan Offer
101 91,50 m² 19,70 m² S 5 101,35 m² Sold
102 58,63 m² 9,18 m² S 3 63,22 m² Sold
103 52,20 m² 7,15 m² SE 2 55,78 m² Sold
104 66,33 m² 16,03 m² SW 3 74,35 m² View I am interested
105 66,70 m² 17,26 m² SW 3 75,33 m² View I am interested
106 63,46 m² 17,74 m² SW 3 72,33 m² View I am interested
107 53,69 m² NW 2 53,69 m² Sold
108 44,07 m² 1,65 m² NE 2 44,90 m² Sold
109 43,55 m² 1,55 m² NE 2 44,33 m² Sold
110 43,07 m² 0,90 m² NE 2 43,52 m² Sold
111 43,10 m² 1,80 m² NE 2 44,00 m² Sold
112 43,43 m² 0,90 m² NE 2 43,88 m² Sold
113 45,33 m² 0,90 m² NW 2 45,78 m² Sold
114 44,90 m² 0,90 m² NW 2 45,35 m² Sold
115 35,25 m² 0,90 m² NW 1 35,70 m² Sold
116 35,12 m² 0,90 m² NW 1 35,57 m² Sold
117 51,19 m² 1,25 m² NW 2 51,19 m² Sold
201 91,50 m² 19,70 m² S 5 101,35 m² Sold
202 58,63 m² 9,39 m² S 3 63,33 m² Sold
203 52,20 m² 7,15 m² SE 2 55,78 m² Sold
204 66,33 m² 16,03 m² SW 3 74,35 m² View I am interested
205 66,70 m² 17,26 m² SW 3 75,33 m² Sold
206 63,46 m² 17,74 m² SW 3 72,33 m² Sold
207 53,69 m² 2,70 m² NW 2 55,04 m² Sold
208 44,07 m² 10,11 m² NE 2 49,13 m² Sold
209 43,55 m² 10,11 m² NE 2 48,61 m² Sold
210 43,07 m² 9,94 m² NE 2 48,04 m² Sold
211 43,10 m² 10,37 m² NE 2 48,29 m² Sold
212 43,43 m² 10,44 m² NE 2 48,65 m² Sold
213 45,33 m² 23,17 m² NW 2 53,05 m² Sold
214 44,90 m² 10,69 m² NW 2 50,25 m² Sold
215 35,25 m² 8,53 m² NW 1 39,52 m² Sold
216 35,12 m² 8,05 m² NW 1 39,15 m² Sold
217 51,19 m² 4,05 m² NW 2 53,22 m² Sold
301 91,50 m² 19,70 m² S 5 101,35 m² Sold
302 58,63 m² 9,39 m² S 3 63,33 m² Sold
303 52,20 m² 7,15 m² SE 2 55,78 m² Sold
304 66,33 m² 16,03 m² SW 3 74,35 m² Sold
305 66,70 m² 17,26 m² SW 3 75,33 m² Sold
306 63,46 m² 17,74 m² SW 3 72,33 m² View I am interested
307 53,69 m² 3,61 m² NW 2 55,50 m² Sold
308 44,07 m² 10,11 m² NE 2 49,13 m² Sold
309 43,55 m² 10,11 m² NE 2 48,61 m² Sold
310 43,07 m² 9,94 m² NE 2 48,04 m² Sold
311 43,10 m² 10,37 m² NE 2 48,29 m² Sold
312 43,43 m² 10,44 m² NE 2 48,65 m² Sold
313 45,33 m² 23,17 m² NW 2 53,05 m² Sold
314 44,90 m² 10,69 m² NW 2 50,25 m² Sold
315 35,25 m² 8,53 m² NW 1 39,52 m² Sold
316 35,12 m² 8,05 m² NW 1 39,15 m² Sold
317 51,19 m² 4,05 m² NW 2 53,22 m² Sold
401 91,50 m² 19,70 m² S 5 101,35 m² Sold
402 58,63 m² 9,39 m² S 3 63,33 m² Sold
403 52,20 m² 7,15 m² SE 2 55,78 m² View I am interested
404 66,33 m² 16,03 m² SW 3 74,35 m² Sold
405 66,70 m² 17,26 m² SW 3 75,33 m² Sold
406 63,46 m² 17,74 m² SW 3 72,33 m² View I am interested
407 53,69 m² 3,61 m² NW 2 55,50 m² Sold
408 44,07 m² 10,11 m² NE 2 49,13 m² Sold
409 43,55 m² 10,11 m² NE 2 48,61 m² Reserved
410 43,07 m² 9,94 m² NE 2 48,04 m² Sold
411 43,10 m² 10,37 m² NE 2 48,29 m² Sold
412 43,43 m² 10,44 m² NE 2 48,65 m² Sold
413 45,33 m² 22,70 m² NW 2 52,90 m² Sold
414 44,90 m² 10,69 m² NW 2 50,25 m² Sold
415 35,25 m² 8,53 m² NW 1 39,52 m² Sold
416 35,12 m² 8,05 m² NW 1 39,15 m² Sold
417 51,19 m² 4,05 m² NW 2 53,22 m² Sold
501 66,40 m² 80,96 m² S 3 93,39 m² View I am interested
502 66,31 m² 17,41 m² SE 3 75,02 m² Sold
503 66,77 m² 57,36 m² SE 3 85,89 m² Sold
504 90,22 m² 55,24 m² NE 5 108,63 m² Sold
505 86,72 m² 20,34 m² NE 5 93,50 m² Sold
506 90,06 m² 33,35 m² NE 5 101,18 m² Sold
507 44,76 m² 10,67 m² NE 2 50,10 m² Sold
601 66,40 m² 7,27 m² S 3 70,04 m² Sold
602 66,31 m² 9,90 m² SE 3 71,26 m² View I am interested
603 66,77 m² 9,00 m² SE 3 71,27 m² View I am interested
604 90,22 m² 20,58 m² NE 5 97,08 m² Sold
605 86,72 m² 20,17 m² NE 5 93,44 m² Sold
606 90,06 m² 32,39 m² NE 5 100,86 m² Sold
607 44,76 m² 10,79 m² NW 2 50,16 m² Sold


You can reach the city centre easily and quickly by car or public transportation. The bus stops for lines 30, 30A and 230 are directly in front of the entrance of the apartments. You can also easily reach the Béke street stop of tram lines 1 and 14 and the Forgách street stop of the M3 underground.


Builder: Avico Group Ingatlanforgalmazó Kft. (1118 Budapest, Rétköz utca 5. I. em)
Building location: Budapest District XIII, Fáy u. 85, Reitter F. u 79-81, top. lot no. 27077


The planned building referred to as “FAY 85-HÁZ” will be built on the corner lot of Reitter Ferenc utca and Fáy utca in District XIII. Following local construction rules, the lay-out plan and other applicable legislation, a multi-occupational building with 82 apartments, 1 basement level + a ground floor + 6 floors will be built in an “L” shape with a flat roof in the row of houses.
Main parameters of the building:
  • garage and residential storage space in the basement and on the ground floor. The entrance to the garage and the ramp to the basement opens onto Fáy utca.

  • the building will have two stairways. Stairway “A” (the part of the building on Reitter Ferenc street) will have 1 lift for 15 people and a 1125 kg capacity, while in accordance with OTÉK specifications, stairway “B” (entrance from Fáy utca) will have a 8-person lift with a 930 kg capacity. 

  • besides the garage, the ground floor will have 2 retail area, stairway entrances and storage areas for rubbish bins

  • floors 1-4 will have 68, mainly small and medium-sized apartments attached to the stairway with a hanging corridor-atrium construction.

  • floors 5 and 6 will have 14 larger apartments.

  • the 650 m2 inner courtyard of the lot will be transformed into a leisure garden for the residents

The building’s appearance will fit into the new and changing residential environment. The materials used on the facade follow a modern and clean philosophy: larger areas have a uniform appearance using a few different, mainly natural looking materials. The balcony rows running over the facade give the building a unique look.

Foundation:  Monolithic reinforced concrete mat foundation made from impervious material.
Basement walls: Monolithic reinforced concrete made from impervious material serving as supporting walls.
Facade walls: Ytong Lambda walls with excellent thermal insulation, reinforced concrete columns and pillars where necessary that will have properly-sized, non-combustible thermal insulation on the facade.
Walls separating the apartments: 25 cm thick, noise-insulating Silka sand-lime brick walls.
Walls separating the apartments and the common areas: The inside walls alongside the hanging corridor-atrium are also designed as facade walls.  
Partitions: 10 cm thick, hollow block Ytong walls.
Interim floors: Above and below, flat monolithic reinforced concrete slab floors.
Top floor: Above and below, flat monolithic reinforced concrete slab ceiling.
Elements separating balcony-terrace: In the case of divided (adjacent) balconies, steel-framed, coloured glass separating elements are used, and for roof terraces, a wood structure terrace divider provides complete see-through protection and separation.
Facade thermal insulation: Non-combustible heat insulation dimensioned to specifications at the heat bridges, reinforced concrete structures and fire propagation inhibition.
Facade plaster: Heat insulating rough coating, with coloured finishing coating as chosen by the designer.
Facade and base covering: Glued clinker brick as seen in the covering plans.
Inside plaster: Wall surfaces are plastered, the ceilings are covered by filler and have no plaster.  
Inside surface finishing: Walls and ceiling have 2 layers of filler. Wall surfaces and ceilings everywhere have 2 layers of white dispersion paint. 
Warm flooring: In the bedrooms and living rooms the floating floor has a laminated covering with protection from walking noises (foam underlay), with a base identical to the chosen flooring colour.
Cool flooring: In the kitchens, bathrooms and toilets of the apartments the floating flooring is covered with glued cold flooring, min. PEI III durability tiles, and metal profiles at the places where the flooring changes, depending on the chosen covering*. The covering for inside stairs and communal areas is at least PEI IV durability ceramic tiles.  
Balcony and terrace covering: Non-freezing ceramic tile covering.
Wall covering: In the bathrooms and toilets, glued tiling up to 2.10 m in height, plastic corner protectors on convex edges, depending on the chosen tiling. Up to 60 cm above the planned kitchen counter, glued tiles, depending on the chosen tile covering*. Material: VILEROY & BOCH or similar type and quality.  
Waterproofing: Modified bituminous sheet-lining. In the bathrooms, waterproof dressing is applied below and up to 200 cm high next to the bathtubs and showers to protect against sanitary water, with waterproof corner-strengthening bands on the edges.  
Top floor heat insulation: heat insulation above the flat roof, min. 26 cm thick.
Floor noise insulation: Walking noise insulation, 2 cm thick.
Garage door: Sectioned white, steel plate, electronically operated, remote controlled, automatic garage door. 
Apartment front doors: Heat-insulating safety door panel, steel frame, multi-point safety lock, MABISZ certified.  
Interior doors: The laminated doors can be installed later, they have anodised aluminium handles and standard locks, while the toilets and bathrooms have bathroom locks.  
Facade windows: Plastic white, no-heat-bridge windows, anodised aluminium handles, connected weather bar. Installation value: Uwindow=1.1 W/m2K
Facade shutters: Built-in shutter hood cover without shutters. Pipes for electrical operation.  
Tinplating: The tin structures (eaves, drainpipes, wall edges, chimney edges) are made from painted aluminium (Prefa).  
Kitchen: Kitchen furniture seen on the plans is for information only, and to help the design of electrical and engineering connections and coverings.  
Kitchen appliances: Kitchen appliances are not included in this contract. 
Furniture: The apartments do not have built-in cupboards, but during planning, the option for the later installation of built-in cupboards must be taken into account.
Energy supply: The energy supply of the apartments is 3x16A. The distributing panel is above the front doors, built into the wall. 
Preparation for an alarm system: Preparation for an alarm system in the apartments with protective pipes in the walls (a front-door opening detector and max. 3 motion detectors per apartment). 
Intercom: Outside unit at the two staircase entrances and inside unit in the hallways with phone and door-opening capability.  
Telephone: Phone socket in every apartment. Cabling only inside the apartments. 
Antenna: Antenna connection in every apartment. RG11u cabling in the apartments. 
Fittings: Sockets, connectors and switches from a product line with frames in many colours that can be mixed and matched in many ways. Type: Sedna or similar in type and quality.  
Electrical sockets: 
In the kitchens: 2 sockets for the refrigerator, a socket under the sink for the dishwasher, 3x1 socket above the counter, three-phase socket for the stove, another socket above the stove sockets for the cooker hood.
In the living rooms: 2x1 socket next to the antenna connection + 2x1 socket
In the master and large bedrooms: 2 sockets next to the antenna connection + 2x1 socket, 1 socket at the door of the room under the light switch for use when cleaning.
In the bedrooms: 2x1 socket.
In the bathroom: 1 socket next to the mirror, 1 socket for the washing machine, +1 socket for the towel drier.
Terrace: 1 protected socket for each outside terrace, balcony.
Lighting: Place prepared for lighting in the apartments with a hanging lighting socket and a 60W bulb. Plastic hood protected lights are installed on the balconies. Place for a light fixture in the centre of all rooms, a place for a light fixture above the dining room, and wall bracket above the mirror and counter.  
Switches: Changeover switches in the hallways, corridors and large and master bedrooms, otherwise single-pole switches.
In the kitchen: 1x two-pole switch.  
In the bathroom: 1x two-pole switch - for the ceiling and wall lamps. Switches both the wall bracket light and the light next to the mirror. Closed bathrooms and toilets have delayed switch-off fans, started with the light switch. 
In common areas: Lighting in the corridors with press-buttons, on a timer. The garage has fluorescent tube lighting, with press-buttons, on a timer, or started with motion sensors. The garage door is electronically operated. The storage rooms have 1 protected light with local switches. The garden and the common areas of the buildings receive separate electricity measurements. 
Lightning protection: the building has a lightning protection system in accordance with regulations and OTSZ (multiple receiving points, conductors, concrete base grounding).
Water and piping: The apartments have 1 cold water and 1 drainage connection, with a central water meter and water filter in the buildings. On each floor a place for separate water meters will be created in the corridor wall for each apartment. The apartments connect to these with a 3/4” water connection.
Water network: The standard and standing water pipes in the building are made from galvanised steel pipe.  
Drainage network: The drainage network installed under the reinforced base is made from PE pipe. The drainage and rain water pipes in the building are made from PE, and the shaft has noise insulation. 
Watering, garden taps: In the common garden area there will be a garden watering connection with a separate tap and water meter.  
Sanitary facilities: The sanitary facilities are made from white semi-porcelain, the plans include a wash basin, hand sink and wall-mounted toilet. The bathtubs are made from white acrylic, the front plate varies by type. The showers are made from white acrylic and have no cabin. 
Fittings: The cistern of the toilet is built into the wall, it has two flushing volumes, a cover sheet and a wall mounting frame. Type: Geberit or similar in type and quality.
Taps, single holder, ceramic core, chrome colour. Type: Bavaria or similar in type and quality. Based on the architectural plan there is a cold water outlet and drainage connection in the bathroom for the washing machine. Cold and hot water outlet and drainage connection without sink or tap in the kitchen for the dishwasher.   
Gas connection: Gas pipes are only connected to the boiler room, the apartments have central heating, the stoves and the cooking equipment operate with electricity.
Combustion gas removal: The boiler room for the central heating is on the basement level. The dimensioned chimney extends beyond the roof.  
Heating: In the cabinet for the cold water and hot water meters a separate heating meter will be installed for each apartment, with closing isolation and control valves. The apartment will have a plastic pipe system laid down in the floor and the side walls with protective pipes. Heaters in the bathrooms, radiators with towel holders in the rooms. VOGEL&NOOT panel radiators or equivalent. Except those in the living room, the radiators will have a radiator valve with a thermostat, while the living room has a thermostat that controls the heating.  
Air conditioning: The living rooms are prepared for the installation of air conditioning. There is an electronic socket and condensed water drainage, as well as a cable between the external and internal units. Considered type: LG split air conditioning or similar in type and quality. 
Ventilation: in closed rooms (toilet, bathroom) a delayed switch-off fan ensures the ventilation through the building’s ventilation shaft ending at the roof. The kitchens will have a connection for a cooker hood.

Avico Group Kft. reserves the right to use materials and products during the construction that are different from the materials and products described in this Technical Specification as long as these materials and products are of equivalent quality.

Investor: Avico Group Kft.
Architect: Casiopea Group Kft



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Payment schedule

Payment construction. Payment schedule for the selected apartment:


Registration fee: 500.000Ft
(part of the deposit)



20% deposit: when signing the preliminary agreement
(reduced with the registration fee)



80%: at the time of the technical handover


Expected startup, handover:

Beginning date: Q1 2017, Completion date: 30th November 2018

Garage prices, storage:

Parking space: 2.600.000Ft/parking space, Storages: 350.000Ft/sqm

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