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Verona-ház műszaki átadások megkezdödtek


2018.február végén a Verona-ház műszaki átadásai megkezdödtek. A "B" lépcsőház alsó szintjeivel kezdve folymatosan haladnak az átadások. A teljes épület műszaki átadásai várhatóan 2018.április végéig befejeződnek.

FAY85 - the 5 th floor ceiling formwork is on process


Current work:
IV. floor (slab, reinforced concrete, concrete)
Ceiling slab above ceiling
Making 1st floor filling masonry (flat main walls)
Garages-wastewater basic installation
plinth insulation

The construction of the roof of Verona-ház are completed


The construction of the roof structure is completed and the final stage of the tinning work is finished. All façades are completed and the design of the finished design of the house is slowly coming to an end. Interior work is going on, painting, tiling, parqueting is going on. install radiators, sanitary ware, electrical appliances.

The interior work of the Verona House is proceeding according to a schedule


The finishing works of the Verona House Basement Works, the Garage Smoke Ventilation, the supply system of the air supply system, the gas receiving water supply facilities were completed.
Both the Iron Gate and the Drégely Street façade form the final appearance of the roof. Interior work is being done in both parts of the building,
cold tiling, plasterboard works, surface training, entrance doors are in their place.

Construction of the reinforced concrete structure is ongoing


Construction of the reinforced concrete structure is ongoing. This week, we began to form a floor above the ground floor on the west side of the building, while the railing of the car ramp on the east side is formatted and ironed. This week I will finish the cellar II. as well. The preparedness of the reinforced concrete structure soon reaches the level when the temporary support of the excavation can be discarded.

Verona House Interior Works


The external works of the Verona House are carried out by insulation of the façades, decorative coverings and tinting by the construction of a temporary temporary rainwater storage facility. Inside the building cold-covering, plastering, glueing, painting, fitting of entrance doors, hot water pipe
installation of lifts. We have begun preparing the connections of public utilities. Closure of the roof structure of both buildings will shortly be completed.

This week, the fourth stage of the base plate is completed.


This week, the fourth stage of the base plate is completed. At the same time, we began to form, reinforce, reinforce the cellar vertical structures (walls, pillars). The finished pillars and walls will enable the work of the slab over the cellar to begin at the beginning of next week.

Base plate I.phase


Today, the first phase of the base plate is cemented. In accordance with our plans, parallel with the works of the base plate disassembled to the 4 concrete steps, we also start the construction works of the vertical basement of the cellars. It is expected that by the end of September works on the basement level will be started.

today completed the installation of the tower crane


today completed the installation of the tower crane


the facades works of building "B" of Verona are completed


The interior facades of the buildings of the Verona House B have been completed, the works of the roof until end of this week will completed and the walls got their final color.
The terraces were wrapped up.
Currently, we carry out the tasks performed on the inner section of the building on the facade of Vaskapu Street.
The electrical and mechanical basic assembly of building "B" has been completed.
The floor concreting is on the 5th floor.
We started the cold covering, smoothing and painting.
In the coming period, the front doors will arrive and we will finish the final design of the public storage's.
On the garden of Building "A", the insulation of the facade began.
In building A this week, the mechanical and electrical basic installations are completed.

The facade work of Verona-ház already started


The facade work of the Verona house was started on the "B" building, where the clinker cover is currently being developed in the inner courtyard. Coloring works were also prepared. After painting, the workstation is added to the scaffolding to create a layered interior of the inner courtyard.
The internal work of the interior is currently the mechanical and electrical basic installation of the apartments, which provides a continuous work area for the following professions, such as floor concreting, plastering, finishing and painting. Concrete works have already begun and are in progress. The plastering based on this is expected to begin next week and we will provide a continuous work area assurance with the on-going glue and painting workflows.
The tiles shipment has arrived, so we can start covering the terraces of the 1st floor of the tiles covering could starting this week.

The 2nd phase of the earthwork started


„After finishing the steel-board work space limitation, vacuum method groundwater level reduction was started. The reducted groundwater level allowed to start the 2nd phase of the earthwork this week. Our earthwork subcontractor started the works today and he works continously until reaching the final foundation plain. Tower crane will be set up in the second half of this month on the construction site  according to the expected schedule and the subcontractor make the structural construction can start the work. "

FAY85 in OTP Bank financing


We are pleased to inform our customers, that the financing agreement has been signed by OTP Bank.

Construction of FAY85 has started!


Construction of FAY85 has started.


All apartments are sold out at Verona Ház!


All apartments are sold out at Verona Ház.


FAY85 presale has started!


Our latest 13th district development presale period has started.


The 9th Lakásbörze exhibition closed successfully in Lurdy Ház


Our next exhibition, Lakás2016 will take place at Millenáris from May 6 to May 8. Looking forward to meeting you there!


Presale of Verona Ház has started!


Presale of Verona Ház has started. Apartments are now available at special introductory prices!


Ready to move homes in Madarterasz 1st Phase


Ready to move in apartments in Buda, 1st phase of Madarterasz. Panoramic and eco-friendly homes in green area.